shopping cart

shopping cart


Job Description


Do you have a shopping cart built in ASP.NET?

I am looking for an ecommerce site with a shopping cart and/or something with a gateway for payment that is already built, functioning and all the bugs are fixed.

If you have it please send me the URL so I am able to see the site and its features and functionality.

If you don't have it, please direct me to a link that you think has a great shopping cart and you can build the same in ASP.NET.

In your response if you don't answer the following questions I will decline your offer ...

1) Have you built a shopping cart in ASP.NET before?
2) Please include the link
3) If you have not built a shopping cart are you capable in ASP.NET?
4) Please include a link of shopping cart that you like.
5) How long will it take to create the shopping cart?