simple software development


Job Description

We require a piece of software that we can link to this somehow -

We DO NOT own Stat Counter. It is FREE so you can have a play with it if you like. However if the new software you create is standalone but somehow links to it like below then that is fine.

The only addition we need is this...

For you to make a piece of software that links up to the amount of unique visitors they have had that day that is shown on Stat Counter and provides a list of exactly that amount of email addresses.

These will be completely fake email addresses. We will provide them.

It would work like this

1) So the software would need to have say 3 million email addresses hidden within it and not visible to the user.
2) Each day it will provide the user with the exact amount of email addresses that Stat Counter has shown to visit their website.
3) E.g - if Stat counter displays 400 unique visitors that day. Our software would display 400 of the email addresses built within it.

* The user then needs to be able to filter and select those they wish to download in a .csv file.
* It must display exactly the same number of email addresses as Stat Counter has displayed unique visitors.
* It must display completely random email addresses each day from the 3 million we will provide for you to build into it.

If you can do this please explain back to us so we are sure you understand.