simple team feedback app

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

we would like a simple feedback app for internal use. we have it specced out very specifically, so that should help a ton.

goals of the app:
- sign on with github
- view index of employees
- show individual employee with goals (and edit self)
- view and provide feedback on team goals/priorities
- rate everyone (including self) on each priority (surveys)
- provide feedback on what's working, what's not (in survey)
- view consolidated ratings for self

goals (personal, company)
competencies, competency groups
competency to role mapping (with importance weightings)

implementation requirements:
- ruby 1.9.3
- rails 3.2.9
- mongo with mongoid for data storage
- devise with github oauth strategy as only auth method
- twitter bootstrap for css (no custom required)
- handlebars for templates
- rspec and capybara for testing