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Job Description

Translation of software system messages from UK to NL language. The files are in xls format, and the translation needed is primarily short messages and field descriptions. There is quite a significant amount of repetitive work.

Please place you fix price offer.

Attached is two xlsx documents.

Translation is from English to dutch language.

language_texts have 2326 row to be translated.
Context in column E is translated to Colum F
Context in column G is translated to column h
Only text between () is to be translated. pls have a look.
Second file.: system-mesages.xlsx
Text in column B is to be translated.
All text in {} is not to be translated, and all ¤ is not to be replaced.

Appearently the addin file don't exists in folder¤'{0}'
is translated to =>
Addin eksistere sandsynligvis ikke I folderen¤'{0}'

Skills: english

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