stand up comedy writing

stand up comedy writing


Job Description

I am a 36 year old Hollywood christian producer. I've made a few films and some money, and I've done it all with the regret of never fulfilling my life dream of doing professional stand up. I've been in this business long enough to know I am funny and I can not write comedy. I once stole Freddy Sanchez entire 30 minute set and used it at the Pearl Street Comedy Store in La Jolla, CA. I tore the house down but CEO Mitzi Shore fired me the next day for """plagiarizing the sanctity of comedy""" Funny, she used those words...I was thinking... "Incredible entertainer who kept the asses in the seats for a two drink minimum and a lot lot more! Best show of my life. I had a better show than Johnny Sanchez.

The famous Mitzy Shore said, "The comedy must come from God to the comedian and then through the comedian to the audience. Wahhhhha how...poetic...I'm thinking it goes: from God to a writer and then to me and THEN to an audience. Fairly sure the accidence wouldn't give a shit.

Anyway, If you've can write for me, I've got money for you.