subscription / membership website site with ecom / checkout

subscription / membership website site with ecom / checkout


Job Description

We require developers with track record of building successful subscription / membership website sites with ecom / checkout / regular deductions from clients bank / credit card etc.

There are free products available and would be very easy to do this project.

Total project cost $100

Candidates must post there report on odesk on how they will do this project, what products, plugins, technologies they will use to make this project a success.

Payment Gateway / eCom to be implemented on this website.

Check and test whole website front and back for errors and rectify.
Website to be tested and rectified for Security vulnerabilities, risks, weakness to any threats such as Viruses, hackers etc.
Check website if there is any Viruses, hackers etc
Manual created for any customised sections of the website where there is no help section.
Website to be fully customisable and fully upgradable.

Website needs to be fully working. Please analyse website to get an idea of work to be done.

THis project is strictly not negotiable. $100 project cost. No upfront payment. Payment upon incriments and final payment upon full analysis and whole website fully 100% completed and working
THe successful candidate that successfully completes this project will be eligible to work on out other projects.
Agreement made upon successful applicant.
Difficult and unprofessional contractors need not apply.

Skills: test, analysis, systems-programming

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