translate to portuguese - BRASIL.

translate to portuguese - BRASIL.


Job Description

Only apply if you are native from Brasil!!

Job is splitted in 2 parts.

A. first you need to send us a list of the most used words for potty training in is a list in english so you have ideas: how,toilet,training,train,the,to,tips,pee,poop,child,toddler,time,bathroom,diaper,learn,elmo,baby

B. then, you send to us the words, and we would repply stating you which of the words you suggest you must include several times in the document...

C. translate this:

***Winner: Best App - Columbiatic 2013***

More than 20.000 downloads. Thank you so much!

Potty training! - The interactive potty training book for children.

It engages, illustrates, inspires and educates you children in potty training! - Brilliant!

There is no better way to learn that through a story!

According to the AA of Pediatrics, more child abuse occurs during potty training than any other developmental step. But don't worry, if you are reading this it means you are doing very well your task as a parent!!

Potty Training Learning the Animals allows your young children to get in the right mood for successful potty training!

1. The perfect App for a potty training ritual with your kid!
2. The story empowers children. They are the responsible to teach the animals to potty train - Brilliant way to learn!
3. Teach your child potty training in a fun interactive way.
4. Will set a positive mood for potty training.
5. Makes the incredibly frustrating task fun and interactive.
6. Kids love this app, the story behind it and its characters.
7.It allows children to take an active role in taking the animals to potty, thus getting the kids ready for their own potty time … Brilliant!.
8. Languages: English,German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Russian,Chinese.


-The narrator tells them they usually “feel butterflies in their stomach when the need to go.” That right there is worth the app. I never thought of describing it that way, but it makes perfect sense. ~ Deb Thompson

-"Doesn’t that kitty look happy using the litter box? This is a great way to show your potty-training toddlers how happy it will make them to use the potty themselves!" - Jennifer Quillen

-"Since most learning is visual, this app is right on the money". - Notorious Spinks

-"For those first fundamental steps that your child takes in learning how to use the toilet, I recommend this app for parents who want to help teach their children while making it fun and enjoyable at the same time." - App games review


-"This story was so handy with my little one who refused to even try. " Sofia

-"How cute! Love the “happy dance”. It delighted my kids. - Andrea Kruse.

Embarking on potty training is a profound stressor to every parent and their child. Because teaching little one’s how to potty is a sensitive issue fraught with emotion, hope and fear; turning it into process into a fun game will alleviate much of the strain from classic potty training issues.


1.Potty Training the Animals will set a positive mood for potty training.
All around the farm the animals. Your child can relate to the animals as they make funny ‘gotta-go-to-the-potty’ dancing movements. The animals even feel butterflies in their stomachs, just as inexperienced youngsters learning bathroom rituals do.

Small children enjoy helping the animals to make it to the potty, learn by example, and build up empathy for others. Watching and encouraging all of the animals to use the big kid toilet is a tasteful and highly effective way to set a positive mood for potty training.

2.The Potty Training the Animals app makes the incredibly frustrating task fun and interactive.

3.Kids love the Potty Training the Animals app, the story behind it and its characters.

Using this hands-on approach in combination with the fascinating animal attraction is a sure fire way to help toddlers learn to use the potty with less stress.


- Great narration voice. It’s cultured and slightly British and is very nice to listen to.
- Stunning designs, fabulous colors. The app is colorful and vibrant.
- animated funny animals. I really like how this app is animated. The variety of “happy dances” after using the toilet were always fun to watch. 
- Familiar and fun animals (Dog, Cat, Dog, Chicken, Lion) 
- Inclusive of both genders (Your child can pick a boy or girl)

1. The interactive potty training book for children.
2. Children are responsible to teach the animals to go to the toilet.
3. available in the appstore, android and amazon.
4. Pick boy or girl
5. Teach the animals how to use the potty.
6. will set a positive mood for potty training.
7. makes the frustration task fun and interactive

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