urgent drupal work

urgent drupal work


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I currently run a site called HoustonHipHopFix.com
I want to update the design/functions. Right now Im using wordpress but Im interested in switching over to drupal because I hear its more advanced.
I'd like to keep my current functions and add the following:
Thumbs up/down button on videos
Also for the videos I'd like to use my own frame (even though Im embedding the youtube videos.. You can reference worldstarhiphop.com to see an example of how they upload their videos)
Login to create a profile & network/chat (like facebook/buddypress)
Be able to upload music/albums (possibly via j player)
A page with a app layout for the site app.
A page where I can sell site merchandise
A nice gallery where I can upload photos
Ad spaces (header/footer/and sides)

I'd like to stick to a color theme of white with red/black accents... (gray if needed).
I want to overall site to be neat and easy to navigate.
The layout I have right now Is basically what I'd like in a homepage but of course updated..

Other sites you can reference in terms of "updated" designs is xxlmag.com, uproxx.com, etc

Any questions please ask.. lets work

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