using IMACROS to extract data

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While using iMacros to extract (HTM) a web field, I get this:

<TD style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: purple" class=data-display-field vAlign=top width="30%" oldStyle="undefined"><STRONG>Shipping Address:</STRONG><BR>John A Appleseed<BR>100 Acre Woods<BR>Apt 104<BR>Winterville, NY 12345-1234<BR>Phone:555-837-3383</TD>

What I would like to do is to parse this extracted text (I'm assuming with Javascript's EVAL function) into the following different variables:

Var 1 - John A
Var 2 - Appleseed
Var 3 - 100 Acre Woods
Var 4 - Apt 104
Var 5 - Winterville
Var 6 - NY
Var 7 - 12345-1234
Var 8 - 555-837-3383
Is there anyway I can do this?