virtual assistant Needed


Job Description

an assistant that specializes in marketing, advertising, finance, accountancy, secretarial, proofreading, translation services, research, creative writing, and practically anything that a personal assistant would do at his job.

The person needs to have impressive telephone etiquettes to do the job.
He or she needs to be an excellent communicator so should have great communication skills.
The required skills in a person are exceptional computer skills, good organizing and planning skills.
He or she should be an excellent learner with the ability to understand, and execute complex written and verbal instructions.
The person needs to be able to maintain customer confidentiality and should be very honest.
He or she should have the quality of being calm and composed even in emergencies and opposite situations.
He or she should be able to deliver excellent and satisfactory customer service, externally and internally.
He or she needs to have the quality of work under rigorous pressure and meet close deadlines.
Skype is a must.... and background will be checked. ability to email and scan info to and from and work during 9am--3pm central time in Texas.

Skills: marketing, finance, research