we are looking for an permanent internet-assistant.


Job Description

We are Intermetmarketer, located in Austria(Europe) and USA.

To expand our internet business, we are looking for an permanent internet-assistant.
If he(she) can do the work well, we are able to give work for 200 hours per month.

The assistant should have expierience in:

uploading of simple HTML – Websites (salespages) to our server

installing of wordpress websites on our server

add pages with content to the wordpress sites

answering comments (done by visitors of our sites)

adding subdomains in our C-panel and link them to the uploaded HTML – Websites

it whould be very great (but its not a must!) …. if the assistant has further expierience in:

writing text in good english
do articelspinning and proof the spinned results (if it is still good english after spinning)
knowledge about SEO (keyword researching, submit text to receive backlinks, etc)

Here is an example about the work :

download the html-site (salespage) from our server
sample : http://unselfishmarketer.com/like/DropFatTheLowCarbWay/
make some little changes with html-editor ( like : change the price, change the name, add a paypal-button ...very simple stuff!!)
upload the HTML site to our server
create a subdomain in our cpanel ...and link this subdomain to the uploaded Salespage
writing a short product-review about the salespage in our wordpress-blog ( sample : http://webnews.vx24.eu/wp/fatburningfurnace-review/ )
integrate the salespage in our wordpress-blog ( sample : http://webnews.vx24.eu/wp/fatburningfurnace/) .... (very simple , 2min. step)

we have hundreds of those salespages to install and every month a lot of new product will be added.

if you can do this kind of job, we whould be very happy to receive your offer ...and we whould love to give you 1 sample-job , so you can see how long you take
for the work.

Skills: english