we need a cartoonist

we need a cartoonist


Job Description

we will give you examples of work that we've bought but want to change up such as: http://www.shutterstock.com/cat.mhtml?lang=en&search_source=search_form&version=llv1&anyorall=all&safesearch=1&searchterm=cartoons+business&search_group=&orient=&search_cat=&searchtermx=&photographer_name=&people_gender=&people_age=&people_ethnicity=&people_number=&commercial_ok=&color=&show_color_wheel=1#id=98909201
we bought these but our client doesn't like them so much, we know what changes they want. we need a person that can look at what we have and re-draw them.

how much per picture and how long to compete each picture. these will be royalty free of course

Skills: drawing

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