weather and ocean forecast data sources

weather and ocean forecast data sources


Job Description

I need someone to define the data sources for global ocean weather data (wind & waves) for a particular longitude & latitude.

I need to access an existing non commercial web service or write a solution that extracts data and stores in a data base. Sources like NOAA and other need to be looked and must return data for global sources.

You will need to specify if the data is a file that needs to be processed in a database and then returned and what method will achieve this (eg if gridded data) so that it is current. In addition any API or calculations that exist.

Data needs to be returned fro 7 day forecast. In addition I need to review data elements for a prior time to the current day.

I need the data for:

Solunar and Tide Data
Sun Position
Moon Position
Moon Phase
Moon Luminescence
Major Fishing Period
Minor Fishing Period
Day Fishing Indicator
Tide Level
Sun Rise
Sun Set
Moon Rise
Moon Set

General Weather
Conditions/Cloud Cover
Wind Direction
Wind Speed
Barometric Pressure
Barometric Pressure trend

Ocean Weather (WavewatchIII??)
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Wave/Seas Description
Significant wave height
Swell height
Swell Direction
Swell Period
Sea Temperature

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