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web development


Job Description

My goal is simple: to design the best accounting solutions that allow small business owners to control their activity, both accounting and commercial real-time, with indicators of performance management, accurate and clear.

my sense of service and my sensitivity to ergonomics allows me to develop clear and effective interface.

Subject PHP (PHP5)
Imperative language proficiency Javascript (OOP, closures, memory optimization, ..) Jquery, XHTML, CSS3

  Apache, XML Knowledge of C / C + +, Objective C and Java Integration of external feeds on websites.

dreamweaver, photoshop, joomla, visual studio, windev.

You need a website (to communicate with the world), a software for the management, and other services related to computing, I'd repondres the real pleasure of your expectations

(+225) 49 61 22 76 // 40 86 53 42
[email protected]

Skills: design, management, apache