web scrape and parse and download

web scrape and parse and download


Job Description

Need some work with PHP/mysql for a data-mining web screen scraper. It will run on 20 servers at once, so each server needs to send its results back to a central server.

Also if you know how to develop a parsing mechanism that is great. Must be able to parse HTML/XML. There will be some irregularities in the data so your parsing mechanism must be flexible.

Also you should know how to download files using PHP using something like cURL. And how to save those files.

Deadline for this project is around 1-2 weeks so it will be pretty intense.

I have some code you can play with and improve.

Also please tell me your favorite color so I know you read this job description and can understand English and follow basic directions. I know many people don't really read these job postings carefully so this is a very good way for me to know with whom I should speak and whose application I can just delete.

Skills: english