wordpress programmer for 5 tasks

wordpress programmer for 5 tasks


Job Description

TASKS: 1. I have a youtube channel and wanted to integrate all of the videos that i upload on it into the site. To have extra page there instead of link to the youtube channel. it should be similar to this: http://ffministry.com/videos/ However, it has to have sidebar with ability to: - sort videos by year and month - sort by featured playlists featured and after i add another playlist it should appear on site too. the page itself should have - main featured video that appears on top in page - and thumbnails with videos that either sorted by sidebar options or sorted automatically by date uploaded. when you click on the video/thumbnail it should play right on that page (replacing featured video on top) not going anywhere else.

2. I have podcast that is synchronized with itunes podcast and my site and i overwrote the new file i had and i deleted archive links on my site by accidents. the whole system that was sorting it by year and months is there, but no links in sidebar. I need those links back. they should look like archive on the blog page
3. Flickr page. Just like youtube channel i have flickr channel as my gallery. i would like to have a gallery page on site that is synchronized with flickr. instead of the link to the flickr. all sets must be reflected in the sidebar menu or if you will come up with more creative way, please advice. i want the sets to be created on site every time it is created on the flickr. uploaded pictures should be sorted and shown automatically by the date uploaded, just like on flickr. when you click on the picture it should not go on the separate. either query plugin should be used, or loader on top of the page. ability to comment and download pictures just like on flickr must be present. (download option in different sizes if possible). comment should go to flickr profile. when you click on the set, it should load/sort/reflect pictures on the same page, also not going anywhere else if possible.
4. The main picture-event banner that is on the home page has weird way of flipping through the banners. i want it to be fixed to something like on our partners site: http://ffministry.com/ it should look like arrows on sides and appear when you hover over the image.

5.LANGUAGE SWITCHER ISSUE TO FIX - when i have for a link on the site that is leading to english version of the site for instance and my main selected language is Russian, it does not go to that link..., but goes to home page... How can it be solved? - here is another issue: If i have New domain For instance NEWDOMAIN.COM And i want to connect it which is the same page but english and russian versions - how is it possible? How is it possible to set up so when person has EN selected for his/her use, it would go straight to EN page/translation. Same problem i have with all of the links... if i sent a link to someone for english page and they have RU language selected, they wont see it unless they switch and if user is not advanced - they give up from first time. - also problem is with my language selection on some ipad/ iphone devices. some people have language selection screen all the time in front of the website. and it does not go away. it stays there. SO I NEED A NEW SOLUTION FOR THE LANGUAGE SWITCHING
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