write specs for developing banking game app


Job Description


im looking for a company or developer studio/group/person to fully document specs for building a monopoly like game.

link and details on app:

we want a 2D version of the game, board style. players walk in board as dice shows just like a monopoly board.

an admin section in website must be available for admins to check reports on game analytics info and also set game cards values, such as: good news card (set image, text and value earned to player), bad news card, prison card, add new card and so on. admin must also create new boards with new street and place names.

specs should contain
1 - wireframe of app
2 - gameplay use cases and gameplay rules
3 - screen flow
4 - wireframe of admin
5 - admin screen flow
6 - full game description

app requirements:
- available on iOS, android, smartphone size and tablet size
- multilanguage admin (or cms, we want the app to be available in several countries and languages)
- animation scafolding on how the game works. the idea can be extrated from reference app
- support/maintenance plans for ongoing improvements and bug fixes after project launch

job is to make DOCUMENTATION ONLY.

if want, please do present also:

1 - present task/project/scrum management tool with all deadlines/sprints/milestones set so we can follow on project. also change request tool to assess on bugs and features
2 - provide full comercial proposal for app development, with project planning
3 - project planning must include art/design required, mockups for approval, detailed specs about the game and its admin interface
4 - be available on skype daily for questions, clarifications, instructions , priority changes and change requests

Skills: management, design, android-development, iphone-development