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Endre Jo

Endre Jo

Professor of Informatics and Computing

Serbia - Last active: 11/10/2013

I speak perfect Serbian and Hungarian language, and English is within the limits necessary for the understanding of issues related to computers. I love to teach and educate others about the world of computer science and computer engineering. Use at a higher level (not for all professional) following applications and stuff: - Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access); - CorelDraw and Inkscape for drawing; - Flash or After Effects for 2D animation; - 3ds Max for 3D animation, at PRO level:; - 3D coat, Sculptris, Real Flow. - Various programs for sound processing (Audacity, ...), video (Premiere, Vegas...), images (Photoshop, Gimp, ...); - Explain to you solving tasks and making the algorithm; - The programming language Pascal, C, C + +, Visual Basic, Delphi; - HTML and CSS basics; - Creating web pages with HTML codes and / or an application (FrontPage, Dreamweaver, ...); - Cleaning of traces of surfing the internet, or from viruses and spyware (windows operating system), if your computer is slow, and set possible protection for the future; - Adjustment programs that run at start; - The protection of USB memory and your computer, so will be no more infection by USB viruses; - Restore deleted files; I know a lot more in relation to the daily work on the computer, I will later write these things here. If I do not know something, I will try to find a solution. (So far this does not mean learning new programming languages). For all these applications, and stuff I can provide explanations-lessons online, or can make concrete work (animation, drawings, tables, cleaning your computer,...), on medium level. And finally, I'm working together with a team of people who are highly specialized in a particular area. So I think we will be able to successfully solve all the tasks to be started in the following languages​​: Hungarian, Serbian, English. Web pages made by Team: Video and animation made by Team:

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