Ulises Ruben Pavón Solorzano

Ulises Ruben Pavón Solorzano

CSR and Tech Support

Managua, Nicaragua



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My last review was 4.2 stars out of 5. The employer gave me that exemplary rating even in spite of his comments. A story always has two sides. My side is that the employer was not reliable and his payments were frequently late prompting me to move on. I am now looking for new challenges and a more serious, professional working environment. I'm reliable, consistent, and customers love me. Try me for a month at a trial rate and see the results for yourself. Please keep on r…


Work History & Feedback

Real Estate Assistant Needed:

2,451 hrs @ $5.55/hr
Earned $14,779
“Ulie has been making mistakes, does not comply with request for task lists at the begining of the shift, I have gotten several complaints from my clients that they do not want to work with him. In the end I have to let him go , and get someone who will make a connection to my clients. I need someone who can help me take my business to the next level. I dont have time to check someones work, or correct his mistakes. I like like Ulie but it's just not working out, plus he makes comments to my clients that they report back to me about his unprofessionalism. And then their are some clients that love him.. So great potential to be great, but not consistently enough for me to continue his contract.”


Tests Taken
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U.S. English Basic Skills Test


oDesk Readiness Test for Independent Contractors and Staffing Managers