Andry Nikitenko


Odessa, Ukraine



What's the difference

More than 10 years in embedded hardware and software development;
Extensive experience in developing embedded programs, Have experience used RTOS: Linux, uCOS, DSPnano, Unison.used CADs: OrCAD, Protel (Altium);
languages: С, C++, Verilog , assembler for different CPU families;
used CPU and FPGA families: ARM7, ARM9, ARM CortexM3 (STM, NXP, TI, ACTEL), Cortex-A8,AVR, Renesas R32/M16/SH2A, PICs, MSP, ADSP, ALTERA and other;
Protocols and technologies: VoIP, SIP, Ethernet, USB, TCP/IP, Telnet, SNM…

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USB Electronics Test